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Getting started in Mythgard

  1. Introduction
    1. Where to play?
  2. Game Overview
    1. How to play
      1. Guide
      2. Keywords
    2. Rarity
    3. Paths
    4. Powers
    5. Deckbuilding
  3. Game Economy
    1. Getting Coins
      1. Missions
      2. Achievements
      3. Game Rewards
      4. Chest
      5. Level Up Reward
    2. Spending Coins
      1. Packs
  4. Game Modes
    1. Story Mode
    2. Casual
    3. Ranked
    4. Melee (2vs2)
    5. Brawl (vs AI)
    6. Puzzle
    7. Gauntlet
    8. Arena
  5. Important Links
    1. Content Creators

1. Introduction

Mythgard is an upcoming CCG developed by Rhino Games, which was founded by Ex-Blizzard and Gazillion developers. It's currently in a closed alpha stage but is expected to have a beta release in early 2019 and a full release later this year.

The Gameplay is best described as a mix from Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, with the aim to be as easy accessible and polished as HS, but with the depth and decision making from MtG.

1.1 Where to Play?

There are several option where you can play Mythgard at the moment. The easiest one is probably the one in the browser. Just head over to the official Mythgard site and press play. You don't even need an account if you just want to test the game.

But the performance of the browser is pretty limited and for a better game experience I would advise you to play on your desktop, via the steam version, or on your mobile device. Once the game is released you probably can just download through steam or your app store.

Steam Version
Since the game is still in alpha development you need to have a key to be able to download it. The developers hand out keys on their Discord Channel, just check the #welcome page whom to message for the key.

Android Version
For the android version you have to join the Android Beta Testing Group. It can take a few days until you will be approved, but then you can download the game through your PlayStore.

iOS Version
Like with the Steam version you have to message a member of the Rhino Games Team or just ask in the #general channel. Check out the #welcome page for additional information.

2.0 Game Overview


Original Write up from the Mythgard Developers
Red (Orboros)
Greek gods, nearly obliterated, mixed bloodlines with demons for survival, becoming first vampires. Aggressive color with a lot of good combat abilities (rush, agile, frenzy, alpha strike ). Uses player life as resource (Ichor Feast , Crimson Pact), replenishing it with lifetap and extract life. Demonic pact allowed demons into the world. Muses are the remaining "untainted" deities. Percy brings hope. Her childhood memories are manifested in the color as well in the form of Minitaur, Chloe Sunshine, Mr. Snuggles.

Blue (Norden)
Descendants of Norse gods, individualistic and freedom-loving, respectful of nature. Midrange color, with balanced minions. Smaller minions band and aid one another while bigger ones are individually heavy hitters. Common keywords are overrun and regen. Blue is enchantment-focused (Singing Stones, Earthslide, Bragi). It also has some decent direct damage in the form of elemental cold and lightning (Bolt from the Blue, Ice Spike, Thunderclap).

Yellow (Aztlan)
Dominated by the Magpyre Corporation, a global mega-corporation doing business in pharmaceuticals and arms. Magpyre has long exploited the native jungles and indiginous species of the Americas to bring bleeding edge technology to the world. It's a long-range, defensive, color, focused on growing, buffing, and augmenting its minions (Ollama ring, Godspore mushroom, Incubation Chamber) as well as undermining opponents (blight ). Yellow has good non-lifetap life gain options and its minions often have more health than strength as well as other defensive abilities (armor, defender, Yahui's damage clamp, Riot Guard's Stun, etc).

Green (Dreni)
The iron fist of a totalitarian military state maintains tight control over the bulk of Eastern Europe and Russia. Young girls who show magical potential are drafted into the Ved'ma - a military corps of sorceresses practicing an algorithmic auto-magic. Young boys with the right genetics are conscripted into the Volkov - an elite company of werewolf shock troopers. Green tends to be a "tricks" or manipulation focused color (Traitorous Murmur, Marching Orders, Rewind Hex, Double Think) and is spell-focused (Sablewing Zira, Bela , Spellflux Cauldron). Finally, Green uses its boneyard as a resource (Wake the Bones, Raid the Tombs, Boneyard Abomination, Hopeless Necromantic, Born-Again, etc).

Orange (Parsa)
Perhaps the oldest civilization, and one of the largest and most influential empires, Parsa is ruled by a nearly immortal god-empress who simultaneously inhabits and controls innumerable golems, allowing her to be everywhere at once. The humans of this land long ago enslaved and suborned most of their native deific entities to their service, enabling them to maintain their power throughout history.

2.1 How to play

2.1.1 Guide

For the time being we will use the guide provided by the official Mythgard Site. When we will have more time, we will make a new and more advanced guide to the game.

Card Anatomy
Minionzoom Every card is structured in different parts. At the top you find the casting cost of the card and the rarity. After the artwork you will find the name and the gem that you gain when you burn a card. In the textfield are the keywords followed by the description and the lore of the card. At the bottom is the Power and Health if the card is a minion. All cards have tribals in the middle part.

Card Burning
Burning a card Instead of gaining your mana automatically you have to burn a card each turn. This will give you one mana and increase you maximal mana by one and gives you the according gem. These are the resources you need to play cards.

Resource System
Burn Gem In the bottom bar of the screen you can see all the resources you have at the moment. On the left side you have you mana and in the middle part your gems. Both, mana and gems, get used when you play a card but will be refreshed on the start of your next turn.

Casting Cost
Casting Cost Each card has different costs attached to it. This MÁNI, QUEEN OF TIDES, needs 5 mana and 2 blue and 2 red gem to be played. Once you have played it the resources will not be available anymore until your next turn. Some cards don't need any mana or gems to be played and others will use all your remaining mana.

Playable Cards
Highlight All playable cards have a blue border around them to show that you fulfill all the requirements, in other words have enough resources.

Playing a card
Summon a Minion To play a card you either drag it onto a lane where you want to summon that minion or you drag it onto the battlefield (no specific lane) and then choose the lane you want to play it. Some cards like spells or artifacts don't need a target, so dragging them onto the battlefield is enough to play them.

Threatening opposing lanes
Threaten a lane A minion that was summoned/created this turn is not able to attack in the same turn. The exception are minions with the rush ability. But in your next turn this minion will be able to attack the one of the three opposing lanes. If there is any enemy minion in one of these lanes, your minion is only able to attack said minion. Some keywords are exceptions for this rule, like agile, defender or lurker.
agile The minion is able to attack one of the threatened lanes, ignoring defender and lurker
defender The enemy minion has to attack this minion before it can attack other minions that are threatened.
lurker A minion with lurker cannot be attack as long as there are other minions in the threatened lanes of an enemy minion.

Drag a Card To attack just drag your minion to the lane you want to attack. The game will show you which lanes or minions you can attack. If you attack an empty lane you will attack your opponent directly.

Move a minion In Mythgard your minions have the ability to move on the battlefield. Just drag it onto one of the adjacent lanes. This minion will not be able to attack anymore this turn. But some keywords behave a little bit different.
immobile The minion is not able to move at all. Is considered a downside.
swift A minion with swift has to actions per turn. So it can move and attack or move twice.

Block a minion If any minion is one of the threatened lanes, your minion only can attack this lane. So one creature is able to block up to three enemy minions. For special keywords check 'Attacking'.

Fight another minion In combat damage will be dealt at the same time unless one minion has alpha strike. A minions dies when it reaches zero health. There are many keywords that change how much damage a minion takes or deals.
slayer X A minion with slayer deals X more damage in creature combat.
fragile X The minion takes X more damage.
focused X The minion will deal X more damage to the opposite lane. Works with minions and the player.
armor X The damage taken is reduced by x
The keywords can negate each other. If a minion with slayer 1 attacks a minion with armor 1 it's like non of the minions had any keyword.

Lanes Enchantments are lane improvements which have benefits for the player or minion if it is occupied. To occupy an enchantment there just needs to be a minion in the same lane as the enchantment. There can only be one enchantment in every lane.

Activate abilities Abilities are enableable effects of a minion. Most of them have some sort of cost to be activated. If an ability requires an 'action' you can only do it once per turn, unless you give this creature more actions. Other than actions most abilities cost either mana or energy.

Spells Spells are cards that usually have an immediate effect. They don't have any power or health but still have tribals.

Artifacts Artifacts either provide a passive effect over course of the game or have some abilities which could be activated. You can have a total of 5 artifacts at the time. If you play 6 artifacts you have to choose one which will be destroyed.

Turn Timer

Each player starts with 75s (1vs1) or 90s (2vs2) for their turn. Each time when they finish their turn earlier than that you back up to 10s each turn (up to a maximum of 2x total time).
Out-of-turn decisions (like Mardykhor's second ability) have a separate 20s timer.
When one player has a disconnect the game will pause up to a limit. Once this limit is reached and all the 'disconnect'-time of this player has been drained he will auto-concede and the remaining player/s win.

2.1.2 Keywords

Original write-up from the Mythgard Developers
ACTIVATE: ACTION COST Drag down to activate the ability by spending the minion's action.
ACTIVATE: ENERGY COST Drag down to activate the ability by spending X energy.
AGILE May attack any threatened lane ignoring blocking minions.
ALPHA strike All combat damage is dealt before minions without alpha strike.
armor x All damage is reduced by x.
awaken Occurs when entering play.
blast x After attacking, deal x non-combat damage to adjacent enemy minions.
blight x At the start of the turn, the minion is reduced by -x/-x.
breach Occurs when dealing combat damage to a player.
deadly Dealing any amount of combat damage to a minion destroys it.
defender Cannot attack. Must be attacked before other blocking minions without defender.
demise Occurs when destroyed. Will not be triggered on banishing.
divination x Look at the top x cards of your deck. Place one on top and the rest on the bottom of your deck.
empower Minion gains a one-time permanent modification.
ephemeral Get's banished after it leaves play.
focused x Combat Damage dealt to the opposing lane is increased by x.
fragile x All damage taken is increased by X.
frenzy Gains an extra attack per turn.
immobile Cannot move.
immortal Cannot be damaged and is immune to all destroy effects.
life tap Controlling player gains life equal to the combat damage dealt.
lurker Cannot be attacked before other blocking minions without lurker.
overrun Deal all excess combat damage to a minion to the controlling player.
pursuit Occurs when going second in the turn order.
piercing Dealing combat damage ignores any armor.
regen x At the end of turn, health is restored by x.
rush May attack, move, or activate when entering play.
sap x Minion's maximum health is reduced by x.
slayer x Combat Damage dealt to a minion is increased by x.
stunned Cannot attack, move, or activate.
suppressed Remove and prohibit all abilities and keywords from a suppressed minion.
swift Gains an extra move action per turn.
teleport May move to any lane.
warded Immune to all non-combat damage and destroy effects.

2.2 Rarity

There are currently four different rarities in Mythgard. They do not effect the gameplay directly rather do they effect how high the chances are that they can be opened through packs, the crafting costs and how many cards you can have in you deck.
Name Icon # of Cards in a Deck
Common Common 4
Uncommon Uncommon 3
Rare Rare 2
Mythic Mythic 1

2.3 Paths

Paths are passive effects that grants bonuses for you. They can be unlocked by playing the gauntlet, winning in PVP-Matches or from the weekly Chest. There can be only one Path active per deck, but you can use a path in as many decks as you want.
The special keyword Pursuit comes into effect when you are going second.

Disk of Circadia

Disk of Circadia
+6 starting life.

Flips between two abilities when you activate your Power:

Night: Divination 2, draw a card, and all your minions that didn't attack heal for 1 at the end of your turn until Day.

Day: Discard a card, and all minions get Slayer 1 until Night.

Pursuit: Your power costs 0 mana to activate the first time.

Fires of Creation

Fires of Creation
1 Energy

+8 starting life.

When you create an artifact, add a Forge Elemental to your hand with mana cost, strength and health equal to Energy, then get +1 Energy.

When you create a Forge Elemental, look at the top 4 cards of your deck. You may choose an artifact to place on top; shuffle the rest to the bottom.

Pursuit: Your first Forge Elemental costs 0 mana.

Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End
+3 starting life.

At the end of your turn, draw the top card of your deck if it'S an enchantment.

You may replace enchantments with other enchantments. When you do, gain 1 temporary mana.

Pursuit: The first enchantment you play costs 1 mana less.

Turn of Seasons

Turn of Seasons
+2 starting life.

Rotate between four abilities at the start of your turn:

Winter: All your minions have Fragile 1.

Spring: Gain 2 Life.

Summer: Heal all your minions for 1.

Fall: Draw a card.

Pursuit: Starts in Spring instead of Winter.

Journey of Souls

Journey of Souls
+5 starting life.

Gather a soul when one of your non-Ephemeral minions dies.

If you start a turn with 3 or more souls, return the bottom minion in your boneyard to your hand and lose 3 souls.

Pursuit: Starts with 1 soul.

2.4 Powers

Powers can be used once per turn and cost you mana to do so. They are unlocked the same way as paths via PVP Games, the weekly chest and winning all rounds in a Gauntlet.


2: Once per turn, look at the top 3 cards of a player's deck.

With practice, we'll sharpen those cryptic dreams of yours into crystal clear predictions of what may come to pass.


2: Once per turn, give an allied minion a free move action.

Whatever you do, keep moving!


2: Once per turn, give a minion +1/+1 until end of turn.

Imbue those that believe in you with a measure of your power and they will be forever grateful.


2: Once per turn, banish the bottom 2 cards of your boneyard to create a 1/1 Cobblejack in one of your lanes.

A true craftswoman uses anything at hand to amuse and entertain.


2: Once per turn, heal all your minions for 1 and gain 1 life.

It's not uncommon for those with the palliative touch to be drawn toward hospitals and clinics.


2: Once per turn, deal 2 damage to your opponent.

Focus your ire into a bold of pure emnity.

2.5 Deckbuilding

In the deck editor you can create/edit/copy/delete your decks. A deck have to consist of at least 40 cards. And as in most Card Games it is best to have as few cards in your deck as possible for consistency. You can include as many factions (colors) as you want, but most decks run 1-3 colors.

Info 40 cards is the minimum and optimal size for a deck.


Rarity Make Unmake
Common Common -50 Essence +10 Essence
Uncommon Uncommon -100 Essence +20 Essence
Rare Rare -500 Essence +100 Essence
Mythic Mythic -2500 Essence +500 Essence

3. Game Economy

Free-to-play CCG's don't really have a good reputation in terms of ingame economy. Between Pay-to-play titles like Artifact or barely Free-to-play titles like Hearthstone there are tons of cashgrab or just user unfriendly titles in the genre. So it's no surprise that the game economy is a big concern when playing a new CCG.

But in my personal opinion there is no reason to worry about Mythgard. It isn't as generous as Spellweaver or Gwent, but still far better than Hearthstone. Let's start with a breakdown of the "resources" you find in the economy.

Mythgard Resources
# Image Name Description
1 Packs The pack symbol shows you how many Packs you currently own. By clicking on it, you will get to the Pack opening screen.
2 Essence It's used to craft new cards. For detailed information on Crafting check Crafting
3 Coins Coins are used to buy new packs or enter the arena. It is your ingame currency and you will get it for various tasks.
4 Mythril It's the premium currency of the game, bought with real money. The rates can be seen in the next picture.

Buying Mythril in the Alpha

Mythril Prices
For all the mythril you buy in the alpha (before the wipe) you will get a refund with 10% extra mythril back once the beta starts.

Info You wil get all the mythril back plus 10% extra after the wipe.

3.1 Getting Coins

3.1.1 Missions

You will get daily missions to finish different tasks. It is one missions every day and you can "store" up to three missions. The reward for finishing these missions range from 500 coins to 900 coins. Once a day you have the option the reroll one mission to get a new one instead.

For the best efficiency I would advise that you always have one mission slot open, so you never miss one. The low paying quests (500-700) should be rerolled when available depending on how lucky you feel.

Pay attention that some quests can only be completed in casual and some in ranked matches.

Mission List
The list will get expanded with new missions once they are released.
Name Reward Description
Brawler 500 Win 4 casual matches.
Victor 500 Win 5 matches.
Minion Smasher 500 Kill 25 minions in casual matches.
Inflictor 500 Deal 100 damage to players.
Wings of the Messenger 600 Win 3 matches with Impel equipped.
Eye of the Oracle 600 Win 3 matches with Foresight equipped.
Strength of Heroes 600 Win 3 matches with Infuse equipped
Hand of the Healer 600 Win 3 matches with Mend equipped.
Steadfast Army 700 End 3 turns with all lanes filled with minions in casual matches.
Healer 700 Gain 25 player life in casual matches.
Enchanter 700 Win with at least 4 enchantments on your side.
Grand Army 700 Summon 6 minions that cost 5 or more.
Quick Match 700 Win by your 7th turn.
Amber Victor 800 Win 2 matches while burning yellow and red cards.
Orange Victor 700 Win 2 matches while burning orange cards.
Ashen Victor 800 Win 2 matches while burning blue and orange cards.
Amethyst Victor 800 Win 2 matches while burning blue and red cards.
Multiplayer Winner 900 Win 3 ranked games.
Special thanks to Envy for sending me new Quests to add!

3.1.2 Achievements

There are currently a total of 13 achievements with 3 stars each. One star is like a certain tier within the achievement, like Kill 100/500/1000 enemy minions. The total amount of coins you could gain from them is 24,000 coins.

A complete list of achievements will follow once they've been reworked.

3.1.3 Game Rewards

The reward system in Mythgard is a little bit more complex than in most other CCG's. You get a base reward for every won match and in addition you get bonus coins from a bonus pool. Once the bonus pool is depleted you will only get the base reward. Each pool holds 400 coins which will be refilled once a day.

There are two different bonus pools, one for PVP matches and one for all matches. The game will first empty your PVP bonus pool before depleting your standard coin pool.
Game Mode Basic Bonus
Casual/Ranked/Arena vs. Human - Win 40 80
Casual/Ranked/Arena vs. Human - Loss 15 35
Casual/Ranked vs. Bots - Win 20 40
Casual AI-only/Gauntlet - Win 10 40
Casual/Ranked/Gauntlet vs. Bots - Loss 0 0
2v2 vs. Humans - Win 60 120
2v2 vs. Humans - Loss 30 60
2v2 vs. Bots - Win not announced yet not announced yet
2v2 vs. Bots - Loss not announced yet not announced yet

3.1.4 Chest

The chest is a bonus that can be unlocked once a week. To open it you need 5 seals which can be earned through different methods. The average value of the chest is 2400 coins, usually one core pack and ~1200 coins. You can store up to 14 days worth of seals.

Getting Seals:
  • 33% chance to get a seal with 1-on-1 PvP wins (including Arena)
  • 50% chance to get a seal with 2v2 PvP win
  • 10% chance to get a seal with a 1-on-1 PvE win (not including gauntlet)
  • Up to 100% chance to get a seal in gauntlet depending on record

3.1.5 Level Up Rewards

Level Reward Bonus
1 400 Coins Portrait
2 400 Coins Portrait
3 400 Coins Power (Smite) & Portrait
4 400 Coins Path (Journey of Souls) & Portrait
5 400 Coins Power (Impel) & Portrait
6 1 Pack Path (Turn of Seasons) & Portrait
7 1000 Coins Power (Mend) & Portrait
8 250 Essence Path (Rainbows End) & Portrait
9 1 Pack Power (Infuse) & Portrait
10 1000 Coins Power (Reanimate) & Portrait
11 250 Essence Path (Fires of Creation) & Portrait
12 1 Pack Power (Foresight) & Portrait
13 1000 Coins Path (Disk of Circadia) & Portrait
14 250 Essence Portrait
15 1 Pack Portrait
16 1000 Coins Portrait
17 250 Essence Portrait
18 1 Pack Portrait
19 1000 Coins Portrait
20 250 Essence Portrait
21 1 Pack Portrait
22 1000 Coins Portrait
23 250 Essence Portrait
24 1 Pack Portrait
25 1000 Coins Portrait
26 250 Essence Portrait
27 1 Pack Portrait
28 1000 Coins Portrait
29 250 Essence Portrait
30 1 Pack Portrait
31 1000 Coins Portrait
32 250 Essence Portrait
33 1 Pack Portrait
34 1000 Coins Portrait
35 250 Essence Portrait
36 1 Pack Portrait
37 1000 Coins Portrait
38 250 Essence Portrait
39 1 Pack Portrait
40 1000 Coins Portrait
41 250 Essence Portrait
42 1 Pack Portrait
43 1000 Coins Portrait
44 250 Essence Portrait
45 1 Pack Portrait
46 1000 Coins Portrait
47 250 Essence Portrait
48 1 Pack Portrait
49 1000 Coins Portrait
50 250 Essence Portrait
51 1 Pack
52 1000 Coins
53 250 Essence
54 1 Pack
55 1000 Coins
56 250 Essence
57 1 Pack
58 1000 Coins
59 250 Essence
60 1 Pack
61 1000 Coins
62 250 Essence
63 1 Pack
64 1000 Coins
65 250 Essence
66 1 Pack
67 1000 Coins
68 250 Essence
69 1 Pack
70 1000 Coins
71 250 Essence
72 1 Pack
73 1000 Coins
74 250 Essence
75 1 Pack
76 1000 Coins
77 250 Essence
78 1 Pack
79 1000 Coins
80 250 Essence
81 1 Pack
82 1000 Coins
83 250 Essence
84 1 Pack
85 1000 Coins
86 250 Essence
87 1 Pack
88 1000 Coins
89 250 Essence
90 1 Pack
91 1000 Coins
92 250 Essence
93 1 Pack
94 1000 Coins
95 250 Essence
96 1 Pack
97 1000 Coins
98 250 Essence
99 1 Pack

3.2 Spending Coins

If your goal is to gain the most cards as fast as possible, you want to spend all your coins for packs. In theory you could get more coins if you spend them on an Arena Run, but at the moment there aren't many players so you would have to wait a lot for matches. Other than arena and packs there isn't much you can buy at the moment, so have enjoy opening your hard earned packs.


Currently we only have the core pack for the core set. It is expected, as soon as we get new expansions that they have their own packs with only cards from their sets. Currently you won't get any duplicate mythic cards, as long as you don't own all of the current set.

Core Pack
Price: 1200 Coins
# of Cards 5
Rarity distribution 3 common, 2 uncommon and 1 rare card. There is a ~10% chance for the rare card to be a mythic card instead.
Info On average you will get a mythic card in every 10th pack and there will be no duplicates until you own all mythic cards.

4. Game Modes

Game Modes

Currently the game has five modes where you can play against the A.I. or human opponents. The rewards differs from mode to mode and depending if you play against the computer or not.

4.1 Story Mode

There are 15 story mission so far in the game. They are played against the computer and have some cutscene which tells a story of the world of Mythgard.

4.2 Casual

Casual is your standard normal/quick match with no rating. It's probably the first mode you will play and is good for testing decks or when you just started playing the game.
We have no information if you will be matched against someone with similar skill level or the first person that joins the queue. Since There aren't many players at the moment, you can get matched against any opponent.

If you don't feel confident playing against human players you can always uncheck the corresponding checkbox, so that you only will be matched against the A.I.

4.3 Ranked

In ranked you will compete with other players for ranking points (RP). These RP determine in which tier you are. Currently we have four tiers with different leagues in them. Each tier has 10 (1-10) ranks you climb up. Once you reached the 10th rank of your current tier you will start at the 1st rank of the next higher tier (e.g. Silver 10 -> Gold 1).
In the alpha of the game you will be matched with any player that is trying to find a game, even if they queue in casual mode. Also you can play against the A.I. for a lower RP gain. How much RP you gain/lose when you play against human players depends on wether they where queuing in ranked and depending on in which tier they were. We expect that the game will try to match you against someone from your tier but this is not confirmed yet. The amount of RP you gain/lose from playing against an A.I. opponent differs between the tiers.
League Win Loss
Bronze +15 Can't loose RP in Bronze
Silver +10 -30
Gold +5 -30
Mythril +1 -30

One season will be roughly two months in duration and you will get rewards depending on your performance. End-of-season rewards include cosmetic items (card backs, portrait flair, etc.) as well as coin value based on the ranking.

4.4 Melee(2vs2)

One of the more fresh takes on the genre is the 2vs2 mode where you will fight with another player against two other players. The A.I. for this mode is currently not working, so you have to play with other human players.

4.5 Brawl

Brawl is a new mode where you play against the AI with a pre-constructed deck. It replaces the option to choose to play against the AI in Casual Mode. The rewards are the same as all games against the AI.

4.6 Puzzle

In the Puzzle Game mode you have one turn to win the game. Your hand and the board state is always the same and you will lose the game if you can't win in one turn. The puzzles are meant as a method to teach specific Keywords or interaction and hopefully more will be added in the future.
The rewards range from 30 Coins up to 100 Coins for the more difficult puzzles.

4.7 Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a PVE draft mode where you draft and construct your deck to beat up to nine A.I. opponents. The entry is free and you can play as often as you like.
When you start playing you have to beat Gauntlet I and Gauntlet II, which are the same as Gauntlet III with fewer opponents. After beating the first one, the second one will be unlocked. After unlocking the next Gauntlet 'level' you can't go back to an earlier one.
You have to pick 2 cards out of 5 each round until your draft is finished. In the end you can choose your Path and Power out of 3 options. After that you have to construct your deck and you are ready to fight your first opponent. The difficulty and the health total of your opponents will scale with your progress. You are allowed to edit your deck between the fights.
One really cool feature is that you can suspend your Gauntlet game and pick it up any time you want. Therefore it is a great mode when you are unsure about how much time you have to play.
As a reward you will get basic amount of coins you would get for beating the computer in a casual match, plus an additional 50 coins for beating every opponent.

4.8 Arena

The Arena is the PVP equivalent to the Gauntlet where you can draft a deck and fight against human players. The entry fee is 1,800 coins or 225 mythril. Rewards are given out for individual match wins at the same rate as casual PVP matches. One big difference is that you always play all your nine games. And after you lost a game you have the chance to draft a few cards again to refine your deck.

As an addition you get a reward at the end depending on how performed in your run.
# Wins Coin value (Coins, Packs, Cards, etc.)
1 100
2 250
3 500
4 1200
5 1950
6 2200
7 2500
8 3000
9 4800

5.1 Content Creators