Blue Green We broke Yo
created by Tony | Mar 9, 2019

The Deck

We broke Yo



Basic Game plan:

Must includes for the deck are Hopeless Necromantic and Junkyard Valhalla (which I do not currently own which is why it's not here) and huge top end creatures that you can discard and return later.

Game plan if you are first is turn 2 discard a big creature then turn 3 Necromantic into Ice Spiking it (if youre not vs red, and want to be reallyl aggressive) to cheat it out faster. If you are going second you can turn 1 power because of Disk and discard your first turn, then turn 2 power again or a blue kill spell, then turn 3 Necromantic.

Cards to Burn early on inlude Raid the Tombs, Wake the Bones, Rewind Hex (if you know youre not vs heavy enchantments,) Bolt from the blue, Eir Healing, and Led Astray (if you know youre not vs low end creatures.) Sometimes your top end can be burned too if you drew too many.

Match ups:

This deck definitely does not like any of the red banish spells and is probably the worst matchup for this deck. Aggro is a decent matchup because they generally want to play out creatures in order to kill you. Stall with Bolts, Ice Spikes, and Forked Lightnings until you have a big guy on the field.

Replacement cards:

This deck is basically the budget version of what I want built. Magnus Thorsson, Junkyard Valhalla, Living Mountain, Chort Stag and The Recursionist are all cards that will 100% replace something in this deck.

Tech Choices:

I did not know the meta at all for this tournament, so I went with some basic enchantment hate with Rewind Hex and some basic creature hate with Bolt From the Blue, Ice Spikes, and Forked lighting.

Final Thoughts:
I love this style of deck and will be experimenting a lot more with different cards as I get them. Hope you enjoyed this write up and thank you for reading!