Blue Valkyries
created by RainZone | Inspired by Penguin

The Deck




Probably one of the best, if not the best, aggressive deck out there at the moment. With a real highroll potential to get your perfect curve of Freki Scout into Valkyrie tough into Road Queen you have one of the best starts possible in the game.

Valkyries have a pretty good best synergy with Road Queen and Stormdottir's Chosen. Giving most of your minions a +1/+1 buff is huge and playing a Stormdottir's Chosen before you trade with your Valkyries is a great way to get a strong minion with overrun.

One of most important aspects of this deck is to know when you have leathal. Getting familiar with Allfather's Horn is very important for this deck. Refreshing all your minios can be very strong, escpecially if can follow it up with a Freki Sidecar and a big minion to finish your opponent off.

Rider of Edda could (and probably should) be switched with Kara Mourninwives.