Blue Red Red Tricolor Rainbow
created by RainZone | Inspired by Lumynela

The Deck




This deck is one of the more interesting I have build. But I don't think its quite competitive yet. Especially with the Freki Sidecar and The Giants Staircase nerf this is a lot worse, but still fun to play. There are several things that can work really great with the deck. The first one is give Parsa Immortal or Freki Huntress rush with the help of Freki Sidecard or Dashing Ringmaster. This way you will get immediate value from these cards and Parsa Immortal will heal at the end of the turn and Freki Huntress will transform. This works especially well if there are already Enchantments on the board, which was much easier before the nerfs.

The second combo or your finisher is to have a bunch of Enchantments and play a Dashing Ringmaster togheter with an Earthslide. Since most of your enchantments are quite expensive (3-5 Mana, Deserts are 1 Mana) you will get huge Earth Elementals and they all get the buff from the enchantments. An Eath Elemental on a Giant Staricase for example will be a 8/8 in stats.

What this deck lacks is card draw and a way to come back after losing the board. While I think this is not the most optimal version, I do think that the deck has real potential and maybe someone can come up with a more refined version.