Blue Green Toolbox
created by nelzya

The Deck




It's my signature deck :)
Mistakenly taken for a reanimator deck (Valhalla and Necromantics are the only available reanimator cards and this is not enough to build a deck around) this deck does provide a way to cheat on casting cost of big minions getting them into play from Boneyard or using the mana accumulated by Koloboks. In reality the deck has measures to counter every possible threat, however it's an expensive deck that's required an opponent reading and is not easy to play.
Card synergy saves this deck from bad draws. For example, Born-Again plays dual role as an aggro stopper and draw engine.
Versus control you usually have time to build Freki/Necromantic combo which is so hated by Pulp. I experimented with all possible 2 and 3 colors combination for this deck and found Blue-Green to be the most versatile and powerful.