Yellow Orange Swarm
created by Envesy

The Deck




This is a minion focussed deck that aims wittle down the opponent's health with attacks from small units and pings from desserts and Black Cadejo. Thanks to the high number of card generators and the Journey of Souls path, you will rarely run out of cards, meaning that you can keep burning cards until about 7-8 mana. You'll usually need to burn mostly Orange cards to be able to spend your mana on tokens. Insurance Broker and Peri at the Gates are usually not played on curve, so they are often a good option for burning in the early game.

The deck does not include pings or direct removal, so some cards will be hard to kill. Especially minions with Alpha Strike such as Freki Huntress are not easily dealt with. Since the deck is so minion focussed it is weak against AoE effects. However, you'll usually have enough cards in hand to rebuild the board quickly.

None of the rare cards are crucial for the deck to function, but it will be harder to keep your hand full. One solution might be to focus more on aggression by changing the power to Smite and replacing Pandemic and Dark Passenger by Conviction. Alternatively, one can add Serpent Dens to make up for the loss of the other value engines.