Blue Red Snake Recursion
created by Burn | Mar 16, 2019

The Deck

Snake Recursion



This is a heavy control deck that aims to win the game against slower decks by fatiguing them and against more aggressive decks with standard control tools and gameplay. This is accomplished by running a lot of cycle and healing cards that, along with Serpent Den continuously supplying chump blockers, allows the pilot to get a lot of value out of board wipes. Playing out Serpent Den will force any opponent without large overrun creatures to commit a substantial amount to the board where the large amount of sweepers will allow the pilot to clean them up consistently. The win condition against slower decks is to avoid dying to fatigue by playing The Recursionist, Wake the Bones, Eir Healing, and Misanthropia repeatedly to shuffle those cards back into your deck to avoid fatigue, avoiding banish on The Recursionist, and, and repeatedly wiping your opponent's creatures while they bleed out to multiplicative fatigue damage. This deck struggles with warded creatures, particularly Bragi Runesinger. I'd recommend replacing Pandemic with Orbital Jamming Satellite as an upgrade that will make it easier to trade into problematic warded creatures. Pandemic does frequently work but it does require snakes or other creatures to live which is less than ideal. Green inclusion: I think it provides better inevitability than playing a third Serpent Den and Ollama Rings. I have had trouble finishing games with that combo against other very slow grindy control decks and I think the fatigue gameplan while also having access to some easily casted but very powerful green includes makes the deck better in most matchups. Feel free to make cuts.