Blue Red RU Midrange
created by EndoZoa | Mar 16, 2019

The Deck

RU Midrange



RU Midrange continues to appear to be one of the more powerful and versatile decks in the Mythgard Alpha. Thankfully this week I didn't have to worry as much about budget and made some very substantial upgrades in Bragi and Magnus, as well as Loki's Veil. The deck continues to seem super favored against low to the ground archetypes and thanks in large part to Bragi and Hekate's Wheel does quite well into control too. Where it can struggle a little bit is with decks that it's interaction doesn't do much against (you need to draw your Loki's Veil against Stretcher most of the time) and other decks employing beefier threats. For this reason it might be worth considering adding additional tools to deal with taller threats such as a 2nd cataclysm. There is an extremely wide range of tools at RU Midrange's disposal and one of the main draws to the deck is its build flexibility and ability to be adapted for different metas. Flexibility is extra important in Mythgard because of the innate card selection granted by the burning system: the best decks will often be able to take full advantage of sculpting their hands.