Blue Red RB Mill
created by Penguin

The Deck

RB Mill DeckImage



Gameplay is staying alive until drawing The Stretcher and Dragon’s Teeth, so having Ice Spike, Bolt from the Blue, Firesong Prodigy, The Stretcher, and the Long Winter in hand is always good. Long Winter is especially good for stalling out the game. For the most part, you draw cards and remove creatures until you get your stretcher/teeth setup, but dragon’s teeth is a rather complicated card. If against an aggressive deck, it’s usually a good idea to not play the teeth unless your hand is terrible because the removal in the deck almost always deals with the rush deck unless they get more cards. However, there will always be the transition point in a game from dealing with their threats to having to win the game, because removal by itself does not win games. Dragon’s teeth is a great card to play then to try and fish combo pieces. Deck always loses to Pillage. There aren’t really replacements for cards other than thunderclap for magnus, so the deck is likely to be rather expensive.