Blue Welcome to the Jungle
created by RainZone

The Deck




While the nerf of Verdant Jungle, Zolea the Unlcean and Ollama Ring did hurt the performance of the deck I think its still one of the better performing mono decks out there. Mono yellow can be very powerful thanks to a lot of strong cards that can win you the game if they are not dealt with. Such high value cards include Universal Holcan, Zolea, Godsbane Transport and as just general big/good minions Harvester, Twin Blanque/Junah and Magpyre Sniper.

Beside the strong late game the deck focussed around token generation through the Reanimate Power and Serpent Dens. These usually help you survive long enough until you can play your late game threats. For the early and midgame Mese Libre and Yahui can help you stabilize the board especially with several buffs from Ollama Ring or Helm of Conscription.

With Cards like Beimeni Falls, Wonder Drug or Harvester you can recover quite some health which is needed against aggressive decks. With access to Wonder Drug, Clay Effigy, Maze of Iyatiku and Harvester you also have decent card draw. And if you need more you can always include Revelation of Ximec.