Blue Red Enchant Aggro
created by RainZone | Inspired by Penguin

The Deck




The Gameplan is pretty simple with this deck. Face is the place. It tries to utilize aggressive rush minions from red with strong enchantments from blue.

Once you get your enchantments on board you can get a lot of value hitting your opponent with rush minions that you placed on the enchantments. Shadow Trapeze works well with minions that don't have agile like Tailroot Wurm or Wings of Abaddon, allowing them to get at least one attack through. Especially Tailroot Wurm can do a lot of damage if he isn't blocked.

Once you run out of steam you are going to finish your opponent with your rush minions like Daring Trapezists or Wings of Abadoon or just with your hero power. Journy of Souls usually allows you to get a Trapezists back from the boneyard if you played one early. But if you feel lucky you could also use Rainbows End for extra draw, besides Ichor Feast, and the 1 Mana discount for Enchantments if you are going second. The ability to replace enchantments can also be nice if you need to give one of your minions Agile or overrun.

The nerf of Freki Sidecar and the Giants Staircase isn't exactly great for the deck, but I still think it is quite decent and especially for beginners since it is pretty cheap.