Blue Red Dire Midrange
created by EndoZoa | Mar 9, 2019

The Deck

Dire Midrange



UR Midrange is a very classic ccg archetype, combining some of the most efficiently costed interactive tools in Mythgard with potent threats and high value tools to enable resource extension.

UR Midrange is capable of getting on the board quickly and consistently, despite its slightly slower overall gameplan. As a result, the deck can typically keep pace with more aggressive strategies, and doesn't need to lean hard on tempo reset tools like Misanthropia.

As with most classic Midrange decks, UR Midrange tends to play the control against aggro and the aggro against control. Card selection tools like Calliope Muse in addition to the inherent card selection ability provided through the burn mechanic make UR very good at adapting to the matchup at hand.

The list I played this week had a few budget considerations that should be noted. Generally I didn't have access to Mythic cards and so didn't include cards like Braggi or Magnus which I have not tested but imagine largelly make the cut on raw power alone. One of the really nice things about midrange as an archetype is that it is highly malleable depending on the field you are expecting to play against. Including a hard reset tool like cataclysm could be important if decks that play multiple tall threats quickly become more popular. Increasing the number of Duskwing Angel's in the list could help the deck close out a game post stabelization, particularly against decks with smite or other forms of reach. Additional Hekate's Wheels could be added to the deck if powerful enchantments or decks filled with direct interaction become common. Etc.

Overall UR Midrange is a nightmare for anything trying to go wide as it contains a plethora of cheap, potent interaction, as well as sources of aoe like Thunderclap and Magmataur. I've been finding that with tight play the deck can often grind through slower decks well too, doing so often requires leveraging the decks ability to generate pressure without a large sacrifice to value. The Mythgard meta is wide open at the moment but UR mid certainly feels like an early front runner in terms of raw power level.