Blue Orange Deserts
created by Envesy

The Deck




If you like sand and complicated turns, this is the deck for you. In the early game you hope to draw a sandscaping, such that you can start playing desert synergy cards the following turns. Keep in mind that you get 1 temporary mana from the Rainbow's End path each time you replace a desert enchantment! This can be important, especially since it means that playing Oil Field on a desert enchantment gives you 5 temporary mana, allowing plays like Oil Field + Mardykhor on 4 mana. An unusual inclusion to this deck is Root of the World: the idea is that you can trade your token minions for cards from your deck in the late game, which is cheap if you have an occupied Oil Field. When burning cards, try to plan ahead and make sure you'll have enough gems for any combos you have in hand. It's usually best to burn some enchantments early, since having more enchantments in your deck increases the odds that you'll draw one at turn's end slightly.

Like all enchantment focussed decks, it is weak against tech cards like Hekate's Wheel, Rewind Hex or Herald of War, so when those cards are popular it is probably better to play a different deck. Most of the rares played in this deck are more or less necessary, since you need a good number of enchantments to justify using the Rainbow's End path. The mythics however are mostly there because they're individual good cards and are replacable. If you want to play a cheap desert deck it is probably better to build more aggressive, using the desert generating minions instead of Sandscaping and a different path/power.