Red Yellow Bad Control
created by CHARM3R | Mar 16, 2019

The Deck

Bad Control



The list is a control deck that tries to win with The Stretcher. It features cards designed to stall, and cards designed to get in "chip" damage along the way to soften up the opponent. It lacks the sheer number of board sweeps that the Red & Blue version have, so it needs to stall in other ways. The list runs a rather obscene amount of life gain, and that is to keep your health high while you search for The Stretcher. Some cards, like Meso Libre, serve to stall out creatures long enough to make trades. Vicious Cycle is a great stall tool as well, while also triggering damage once The Stretcher is online. The hardest parts of piloting the deck is dealing with Warded creatures, and knowing when to play the Dragon's Teeth. Against aggressive decks, it can be better to hold onto the Teeth until you are ready to "go for the kill" with The Stretcher. Against other control decks, playing it early helps because you need to find The Stretcher early to start your clock. For future improvements, the deck desperately needs Zola and Trident. I simply haven't opened them yet. I have been cycling Pact in and out, and I'm not sure what the correct number is yet. I think it probably should add 1-2, but I'm not sure where yet. I also wouldn't mind trying out Harvester or the Satellite, but I'm not sure if they make the final cut. I would need to test them first. Long term, I think Stretcher based decks are going to end up being a "meta call" type of deck because the strategy has a few hard counters. Loki's Veil and Pillage are nightmares for Stretcher based decks, so if they rise in popularity the deck will struggle. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.